Contributions to LFEM

Jamie Victoria-Hope  Lisemby

Age 16

Singer, Loves to play guitar, violin, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, harmonica.  Loves horses, dogs, cats, chickens, outdoors, hunting, fishing, playing board games, and spending time with the family.

April Joy-Noel  Lisemby

Age 11

Loves to sing and play drums, ukulele and violin.  Loves to meet new friends, loves puppies, kittens, playing outside, books and playing games with the family.

Dr. ​Sue Grice Lisemby Brown

Married to Don Brown

Singer, Songwriter, Author, Artist.  Loves to play piano, viola, violin, autoharp.  Loves to paint God's beauty on canvas, loves to read and study God's Word.

Melody Lauren Lisemby

Age 24

Singer, Songwriter. Loves to work with the Youth in churches.  Loves to sing, play guitar, violin, keyboards, ukulele.  Loves to write songs, paint glassware, hunt, be outdoors, cooking, baking, loves horses, dogs, play games with family.  Currently working on her Associates Degree in Biblical Studies with Anchor Theological Seminary.

Don Brown

Married to Sue Grice Lisemby Brown

Loves the Lord, loves to sing, work with his hands, bus driver, loves to tell jokes and keep us all laughing and a good "fixer-upper"

Dr. J. Ricky Lisemby



Preacher of the Gospel, Musician, Singer, Songwriter.  Loves to study God's Word, play bass guitar, trumpet, read, working at Psalms Camp keeping the grounds clean.

Joy Lynn (Guillotte) Lisemby

Wife to Joey

Mom to all the girls


Sings, plays keyboard, violin, bass guitar, a little guitar.  Loves to sew, cooking, hunting, do crafts, read and spend time with the family.

Lisemby Famiy Evangelistic Ministries, Inc.


Ministry Began: 1969

Founders: James & Sue Lisemby

Full-time: 1973


The Lisembys are a

non-profit 501c3 organization.

All gifts are tax deductible.

The Family

Dr. Joel K. Lisemby



Preacher of the Gospel, Musician, Singer, Songwriter.  Loves to study God's Word & Prophecy, play guitar, piano, bass guitar, steel guitar, lead guitar, banjo, hunting, spending time with the family.

Just a family reaching out to other families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Revivals, Concerts, Crusades, Harvest Days, Camp Meetings, Seminars, School Outreach, Street Evangelism, Tours, Retreats and Reunions - you name it, the Lisembys have probably been there bringing a message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ.

We are a "FAMILY"​.  God has given us the desire to reach out to families.  While families are continually breaking, failing, and falling apart, we feel a call to specifically minister in the area of families.  The family is the first institution God established on this earth and should be one of the main factors to consider in our churches.  So goes the family, so goes the nation.

The Lisembys travel full-time in their self-contained travel coach, presenting the Gospel through singing and the Preached Word.

The Lisembys would like for you to give prayerful consideration when seeking your next Revival team or special event.

Who Are The Lisembys?

A Family reaching other families for christ

Mercy Sue Lynn Lisemby

Age 19

Singer, Songwriter, loves to work with the Youth in Revivals, loves mission work.  Loves to play guitar, piano, keyboard, violin, mandolin.  Loves to hunt, shoot her bow, loves shopping, making candles, sewing.

Brooklyn Joelle' Lisemby

Age 17

Singer, loves to play guitar, bass guitar, violin, keyboard, mandolin, ukulele.  Loves horses, dogs, cats, being outdoors, playing board games with the family, loves to read and all Arts & Crafts, especially crochet, whittling, and just creating stuff!