Contributions to LFEM

"To all our Sister Churches:

It is with great joy I write this letter of recommendation for our new friends and co-laborers in the Lord, the Lisemby Family.  Without a doubt they are the best kept secret in Christian Ministry.  It was so refreshing to have this family at Central.  We were all blessed beyond measure.  I get text messages from my members asking when can they return.  This family's talent is amazing, their spirit is Christ-like, and everything about them lifts up Jesus.  If you want entertainers they are not for you.  But if you want someone to minister to your flock then they are what you're looking for.  My only regret is, why didn't I discover them sooner.  We definitely plan to have them back.  God Bless!

Bro. Bobby Dye  (deceased 2012)

Former Senior Pastor

Central Baptist Church

​Bossier City, LA

"To My Co-Laborers in Christ,

​The Lisemby Family is truly a family oriented ministry.  We thoroughly enjoyed their ministry and fellowship.  They do not 'perform' for the Lord, but lead the congregation to worship Him in spirit and in truth.  Christ Himself has first place in their ministry, as is evident by their genuine love and support for one another.  The children reflect a Christlike attitude and serve as an excellent model for young people.  We were blessed to have them and we heartily recommend them and their ministry."

Bro. Jessie J. Charpentier, Sr.

Pastor, Jenkins Memorial Baptist

​St. Martinville, LA

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"...We recently had them come to our church for a Sunday.  They did a wonderful job leading our church in worship.  they sang and preached during both services.  They were a great blessing to all young and old.  Their family is a classic example of what God had in mind when He designed the family to be to His honor and glory.  Many times in our churches we need to know about some things before we invite folks to be our spiritual guests; such as travel, food, lodging, and finances once they get to your church.  So let me comfort you with the facts. They have a bus for traveling and lodging.  They will eat anything, and are very gracious guests.  They will go around the world for a love offering.  They have no set fees.  They just want to be loved just like any of the servants of God.  Once you have given these folks an opportunity to serve and worship with you, blessings will all be yours.  They only want to do God's Will.  Please consider this letter a personal recommendation from me."

Bro. Eddie Douglas


Trinity Baptist church

​Turkey Creek, LA

Letters of Recommendation

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"...Not only are they some of the most talented and beautiful musicians I have ever known but they are students of the Word of God.  They hold to a conservative view of the Bible and practice what they believe.  Joe and Rick are two of the finest preachers of the Word and they refuse to compromise with the world when they preach God's unchanging truths.  They are some of the finest woul-winners I have ever known and I have observed their desire to see people come to know Jesus Christ through every means possible.  I have used them to minister in every church I have pastored and have never been disappointed but instead have always been inspired by their love for our Lord Jesus.  I can't think of any evangelists that I could recommend any higher than the Lisemby Family and I pray you will be blessed by their ministry just as I have."

Dr. Mike Holloway

Senior Pastor

Cook Baptist Church

Ruston, LA

Former President of LA  Baptist Convention


"Dear Servant of Christ,

It is my pleasure to recommend the Lisembys to your.  We utilized them to bring the music in a Revival and Bro. Joel to bring the Noon Bible Study.  Later we asked them to come back and be the musicians and preachers for a Revival.  They are talented musicians whose music is inspiring.  Brothers Joel and Rick spoke to our hearts in preaching God's Word.  Their dedication and commitment to our Lord is an example to all.  I recommend them to you and feel they will be a blessing to you as they were to us."

In His Service,

Bro. Shelby Cowling


First Baptist Church

Haynesville, LA

"To whom it may concern:

In a day when many of our church pulpits and platforms are filled with people who are more full of themselves than they are of God, it is such a fresh breath of air to minister with people like The Lisemby Family.  When I think of The Lisembys, I think of words like:  friends who make you fell like family, commitment without compromise, humble yet bold in their witness, hard working yet never too busy to take time to minister to anyone, and anointed beyond words, yet not a hint of "showmanship".  I have had the privilege to travel and minister with the Lisembys in area-wide-crusades, homeless shelters, RV parks, church revivals, tent revivals etc.  You name it, we have been there.  We took a group of 30 people to the Holy Land in November of 2010.  What a blessing it is to be with them.  When you have the Lisembys come to your church, for a lack of better words, you get "the whole package".  Joey and Ricky are two of the greatest preachers of the gospel I have ever heard.  The Family's singing will exalt the Savior, edify the Saints and evangelize the Lost.  Without any reservation at all I highly recommend and endorse the ministry of "The Lisemby Family."

Bro. Jack Daniels  (deceased 2013)


​Heflin, LA

"I don't have to be persuaded to give a recommendation for the Lisembys.  During the [over] four years that I've known them, I have been aggressive in encouraging pastors to use them in their churches.

This gifted family is a delight to hear lift up Jesus in song, and Bro. Joel and Bro. Ricky preach the pure, powerful Word of God.  You'll be glad you had them in your church."

Bro. Jimmy R. Owens

Former Associational Missionary 

Carey Baptist Association

​Fordyce, AR

A Family reaching other families for christ