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Vintage CDs

  1. Master Artist (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  2. No One Greater (Ricky Lisemby/Linda Carter/BMI)
  3. Jesus' Love Is Love (Reginald Lisemby/Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  4. He Went One (Joel Lisemby/Joy Lisemby/BMI)
  5. Feed My Little Children (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  6. King's Highway (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  7. Never Again (Joel Lisemby/BMI)
  8. No More Blues (Darry Lisemby/BMI)
  9. Where Would I Be (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  10. God Sent Me A Rose (Reginald Lisemby/BMI)

"The Lisembys In Nashville" CD - 1976


  1. Believe (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  2. Jesus, Keeper Of My Soul  (Sue Lisemby/Joel Lisemby/BMI)
  3. Tall, Tall Trees (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  4. Lord, Let Me Be There (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  5. He'll Give Us A Song (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  6. Playing Like We Played In the Bayou Land              (Reginald Lisemby/Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  7. Everything's Alright
  8. No More Time
  9. Sho' Do Need Him Now
  10. Instrumental - When the Saints Go Marching In

"With Anticipation" CD - 1975


"Soul Of the Country" CD - 1973


  1. Why Me
  2. Forever Is A Long, Long Time
  3. Unseen Hand
  4. Lord, I Want to Lean On You
  5. Which One (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  6. Soul Of the Country (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  7. Help Me (Lisemby/BMI)
  8. One More Time
  9. Gone
  10. Amazing Grace

"I Want To Go Home" CD - 1970


"Meet The Lisemby Family" CD - 1971


  1. Thoughts Of Home (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  2. I'm Going To Glory (Ricky Lisemby/BMI)
  3. Peace, Joy & Happiness (Joel Lisemby/BMI)
  4. Not For Me (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  5. My Sacrifice (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  6. What's Happening?
  7. Power In the Blood
  8. In the New Jerusalem Way
  9. Oh What A Happy Day
  10. Mercy At the Cross (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  11. I Look Back (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  12. I Will Serve Him

"The Lisemby Family Sings Gospel" CD - 1969


The Lisembys have been singing since 1969.  Their music has spanned across the decades, ministering to thousands of people across the world.

The following recordings are available to you as a tribute to the "beginning" of the Lisemby Family Evangelistic Ministries, Inc.

To God be the Glory!  May you be blessed!

  1. I Don't Know Why (Joel Lisemby/Joy Lisemby/BMI)
  2. Because You Care (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  3. I Feel His Love (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  4. Bethlehem's Child (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  5. He Died But Yet He Lives (Joel Lisemby/BMI)
  6. Hidden Treasures (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  7. Turn Back Time to Yesterday (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  8. Bayou Man (Reginald Lisemby/Joel Lisemby/James Lisemby/BMI)
  9. Oh He Loves You (Darry Lisemby/BMI)
  10. If I'm Dreaming (Let Me Dream On) (Reginald Lisemby/BMI)

"For Heaven's Sake" CD - 1979


  1. It's Not Finished (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  2. I Give My Life To You (Joel Lisemby/BMI)
  3. Lord I've Been Ready
  4. Savior Of My Life (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  5. Get On the Ark (Reginald Lisemby/BMI)
  6. One Big Enough (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  7. Jesus, Light Of My Life (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  8. The Devil Speaks (Joel Lisemby/BMI)
  9. Silence Is Golden (Reginald Lisemby/BMI)
  10. I'm Gonna Leave My Troubles
  1. Water & Bread (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  2. Here I Am (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  3. You Must Be Born Again (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  4. Don't Go (Joel Lisemby/BMI)
  5. The Question (Joel Lisemby/Reginald Lisemby/BMI)
  6. I'm Looking Up (Joel Lisemby/BMI)
  7. I'll Fly Away (Arr. Darry Lisemby)
  8. Nearer My God To Thee
  9. Building A Bridge
  10. I Am A Seeker
  1. Kum-Ba-Yah
  2. One Day At A Time
  3. Gospel Boogie
  4. That's the Man I'm Looking For
  5. Pass Me Not
  6. Lord Keep My Eyes On Calvary (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  7. He'll Make It Last
  8. Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life
  9. It's Worth It All
  10. Eastern Gate
  1. Forgive Them (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  2. The Unclouded Day
  3. I Went to Heaven (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  4. KinFolks
  5. A Whole Lot More (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  6. I'll Obey the Spirit Of the Lord (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  7. I Want to Meet You (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  8. Here's A Song For the Man
  9. I Need One Who Really Cares (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  10. One Of These Days I'm Gonna Be Leaving             (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  1. I Want To Go Home (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  2. If That Isn't Love
  3. Swing Down Sweet Chariot
  4. The Only Way (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  5. Where Will You Be
  6. God Gave Me All This (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  7. Thanks To Calvary
  8. I'm Gonna Shout - I'm Gonna Shine
  9. I'll Walk Beside You (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  10. The Old Gospel Ship
  11. What Heaven Means To Me

A Family reaching other families for christ

  1. Simple Joy
  2. Repent, Repent (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  3. Lullaby (Go To Sleep) (Joel Lisemby/BMI)
  4. It's So Good (Sue Lisemby/Joel Lisemby/BMI)
  5. Sunshine & Roses
  6. My House Is Full
  7. Sail On
  8. The Bride (Reginald Lisemby/BMI)
  9. Front Seat, Back Seat
  10. Songs In the Night (Sue Lisemby/BMI)

"Water & Bread" CD - 1977


  1. What I Am (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  2. All I Need (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  3. Cajun Happy Song (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  4. Bicentennial Salute (Arr. James Lisemby)
  5. I'll Have A New Life
  6. Blessed Be the Name
  7. Jesus is Alive
  8. Lost and Found
  9. Silver Wings
  10. Go Down

"It's Just Natural" CD - 1974


"Real People" CD - 1972


  1. Gloryland Way
  2. Lord, Keep My Eyes On Calvary (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  3. Had It Not Been
  4. I'm Building A Bridge
  5. He Filled A Longing
  6. Now I Have Everything
  7. Jesus Have Mercy (Sue Lisemby/BMI)
  8. Lord I Need A Blessing
  9. Who Am I
  10. Give Up
  11. I'm Nearer Home
  12. Hide Me, O Blest Rock Of Ages

Contributions to LFEM


"Songs In the Night" CD - 1978



"Altogether Family" CD - 1980


"Master Artist" CD - 1981